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Across Express has been designed to organize the unorganized logistics industry.

How do you book a shipment?

Book Now or Book Later

Use Book Now for your immediate need when there are active drivers in your area. Use Book Later for scheduled delivery or when there are no active drivers in your area and we will assign a driver for you. 

Add Pickup and Drop Location

The app automatically detects your current location for Pickup or you can select manually then choose your drop location using a pin on the map or enter the drop address manually. Your favorite drop addresses can be saved for quick and easy access in the future

Fill in Shipment detail.

Fill in sender, receiver, payment and shipment detail then get estimated price. Payment can be made by sender or receiver. Furthermore you can take a picture of the shipment for confirmation

Shipment Processing

For Book Now the nearest driver will accept your order and for book later the office dispatcher will assign driver for you.

Get Real Time Tracking Updates

You can track your shipment and receive notification about the driver’s status in real time.

Proof of Delivery

The receiver will sign on the driver’s device as a confirmation of the delivery. Moreover, the driver will take a picture of the delivered item which will be verified against the picture taken before the start of delivery.

Our Services

Ever needed to send your documents to someplace in Addis? How about electronics, invitation cards, spare parts for your car or equipment for work…? Any small and light package, you name it we deliver it.

Book Now or Book Later

Real Time Tracking

Proof of Delivery

Secured and Ensured

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