Guidelines and tips on how to wrap your packages for delivery

For your parcel to arrive safely it is important to make sure that you read, understand and apply the following guidelines


  1. Use durable materials for packing; make sure they are not depleted.
  2. When using an already used packing material make sure they are in good shape and remove all the previous stickers and labels.
  3. Make sure you provide cushioning for breakable materials and ensure they are placed in the center.
  4. Use appropriate plastic container for liquid or semi liquid items.
  5. If you want to deliver goods as gift using an attractive package, make sure you repack them so they will be suitable for shipping.
  6. Use packaging materials that fits the goods you are sending considering the weight and size of the shipment.
  7. If you are shipping rolled paper make sure you use rectangular tube and not circular one.
  8. Use strong tape to seal your box.
  9. When shipping items that have sharp edges and points, ensure these are adequately protected. Heavy cardboard is suitable for this. Fix the protective material securely so that it cannot be accidentally removed in transit.
  10. It is encouraged to put in extra packing materials in addition to the factory package.


  1. Don’t include restricted, illegal and prohibited materials in the shipment.
  2. Don’t pack humid item with a paper bag or cardboard box.
  3. Don’t over fill your shipment in one container when you pack.

Items to not transport in our service

  • We will not transport precious goods like gold, pearl, diamond, platinum, etc.
  • We will not transport toxic chemicals, khat, contraband goods.
  • If the item we transport exceeds 100,000 Br in value then we need a notice prior to the pick up call.
  • Transferred cash should not exceed 50,000 Br at one route.